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Aaron Wells is a practicing Artist based in London and a recent graduate of Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts.

Following the success of his degree show, Aaron was awarded the Acme Chelsea Studio Award 2014/15 as part of the Acme Residency and Awards Programme, where he received a studio for a year and funding. He was also the recipient of the Exposure ’14 award inviting him to show an exhibition alongside two other graduates from Chelsea, during Frieze Art Fair, at the Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art. In 2015 Aaron was selected for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries.

Artist Statement:

Using collaged filmic material from a diverse collection of found audio-visual footage, as well as specific material recorded by the artist, Aaron Wells’ Films interrogate what it is to exist in a place, whether that place be physically real, digital or imagined.

These investigations are paired with an interest in the social and cultural aspects of the disparate imagery that is manipulated on screen, material taken from a range of sources: from virtual tour videos and advertising, to intimate shots of sites with historical and personal significance to the artist.

Often focusing on places or space where there are missing elements, such as abandoned estates; Wells’ films deal with themes of allegory, passivity and unfounded optimism, exploring problems attached to the contemporary fantasy of ‘the good life,’ while simultaneously critiquing the essential state of living within the present.